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Tutor Translation

  1. Looking for tutoring work before two o'clock in the afternoon - I am a regular university graduate in the UK, can teach Chinese and English, and I like children very much, very patient with children, please contact me if you need: 07405840553

Renovated Restaurant

  1. I am a professional chef who can cook for families or students. If you want to eat the authentic restaurant, and feel that the restaurant is unsanitary, unsafe, yes, you can find me, can be a family chef, or a few students to share a chef. Welcome to inquire: 075607934005

Child Carer

  1. My sister is from China and wants to find a babysitter. Visiting relatives, you can live for 6 months, have experience with children in the country, and have great love for children. Do things carefully and love clean. Jiangsu people, just 50 years old this year, can live or not at home according to the employer's requirements. If you need it, please contact me and give the child to me to ensure that you are assured that there will be no worries. Phone: 07415607747

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