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Tourist Catering

  1. [Wangping Tourism] is now recruited for the whole UK - due to the development of the company, Wangping Tourism Company has long-term recruitment of the   British driver  guide  office. The marketing department commissioner has a tourism industry diploma and relevant experience is preferred.
    Interested parties please send your resume and application intentions to info@wangpingtravel.com , or call: 01314451176
  2. Bedford buffet has experienced floor, full-time floor, must have experienced experience, familiar with Chinese, familiar with English, can be wrapped, interested, please send your personal information to 07540365287 only SMS, thank you

Chinese Medical Massage

  1. The centre of the Chinese medicine shop in the centre of London recruits two front desks and two masseuses. The store is located in the bustling area of ​​Cha Ning Street near the Chinatown MRT Station. The front desk is required to have good English, the masseur has the identity, and there is no experience to train. Advertising is valid for a long time. Phone: 07568091071
  2. London's District Flat is located in the rich man's office to recruit young and beautiful masseuse, requires knowledge of English, no identity, no experience, good conditions to provide accommodation, welcome students part-time, we pay attention to personal privacy, confidentiality for girls. Interested parties please contact: 07517639717

Copy Market

  1. Wholesale store please Full time female salesperson, located in London's East 2 district (Whitechapel) requires women, fluent in English, to have identity, can bear hardships and hardships, need to file tax returns, work actively, hardworking and responsible. Working hours are: Monday to Friday 10:00-19:00, Sunday 10:00-16:00 Saturday rest, there is a red day, the salary is negotiable. Contact number: 07405671376 (before 11pm) or send resume to: SINLEE8@YAHOO.CO.UK

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