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I am a chef and a boss. I am very busy every day. Because the hotel is lacking, I don't have time to recruit, and I don't have time to interview. ----Take it to the Oriental Recruitment! As a boss, what you want is a caring service and care.

I just came to London, can't find a job, I don't understand English, my resume won't be written, and where is the free translation? ---- Find the Oriental recruitment! As a job seeker, Oriental Recruitment will give you a colorful resume.

Introduction work

If you have just come to London, don't know how to find a job, and don't know how to write a resume, Oriental Recruitment can help you. Oriental Recruitment has cooperated with many companies in London and can help you find employers quickly, including tourist catering, Chinese medicine massage, market sales, etc...

Training Services

I don't have the specialties, I don't know how to write my resume, how to go to the interview, what should I do if I see the boss, I don't know how to speak English. Don't worry, Oriental Recruitment will give you comprehensive interview skills training, English English usage training, courtesy training, and even a comprehensive training in interview dressing techniques.

Translation Service

I need to go to a law firm to see a British lawyer. I want to test my driver's license, but I don't know English. Don't worry, Oriental Recruitment can provide a comprehensive London life help service. We have professional people who can provide translation services, depending on your individual needs.

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Oriental Recruitment adheres to the principle of customer first. Whether you are an individual or a company, we will professionally tailor the professional human resources planning for you or your company. We solemnly promise: no success, no charge!

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